Compare BS EN 10346 vs ASTM A653 and JIS G3302 in Galvanized Steel Sheet In Coils

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Compare BS EN 10346 vs ASTM A653 and JIS G3302 in Galvanized Steel Sheet In Coils – HOT DIP GALVANISED STEEL SHEET IN COILS (HDG)

Zinc has long proven itself as the ideal corrosion protection for steel. Hot-dip galvanized steel coils combines the
exceptional properties of zinc as an oxidation inhibitor and high-quality surface appearance; with mechanical
properties provided by the base metal characteristics for respective steel grades suitable for the applicable

The life-expectancy of the zinc coated steel product is directly proportional to the thickness of the zinc-coating
layer and the climate condition in which the steel is used.

Applicable areas of end-use includes structural use such as air ducts, pipe insulation, roof drainage, roof
sheeting, ceiling elements, door frames, building construction, and commercial use for various industries such
as manufacturing of house hold appliances, panels, drums, consumer electronics, shelving etc.

Compare Galvanized Steel Standards

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